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“God With Us” as expressed through the arts

Art & Advent: “God With Us” as expressed through the arts

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Why does art matter? Come join Sherie Bishop Harkins and Noelle McManus as they consider that question and look at Art & Advent: God with us as expressed in art. Come explore and discuss art, history, theology and much more as we examine art from Old Testament, New Testament, Reformation and Enlightenment eras as well as the present.


December 8, 2017 ∙ 7-9PM and December 9, 2017 ∙ 9AM-3PM
Cost: Tickets are currently available for $25 (Lunch on your own)

Tickets are currently available for $25

Speaker's Bios

Sherie Bishop Harkins

Sherie Bishop Harkins’ ( fine art has been described as “an indulgence for the senses.” Harkins is paying attention to the means through which we acquire and interpret information. This concept is expressed through her experiences and masterfully depicted on her canvas. Harkins is intrigued with the contrast between how we perceive, and what can be revealed with insightful rendering.

Harkins early life was characterized by much relocation; full of love and turmoil, fresh opportunities and heartache. While art making was a consistent solace in the process of building new foundations, it has shaped a unique perspective from which to observe and share.

After earning her BFA in Painting from the Visual and Performing Arts College at UMass Dartmouth she extended her creative options as a Landscape Designer and as a freelance Graphic and Commission Portrait Artist before entering the world of Public Education. While teaching high school traditional and digital Art, Harkins earned an MAT in Creative Arts from Bridgewater State University.

Harkins resides in Providence, Rhode Island, a creative hub of arts resources and educational opportunities. She continues to teach as a fully virtual instructor, while expanding her studio practice. Her work is part of numerous collections and exhibitions across the country.

What others are saying about Sherie’s work:

  • “Each drop of water or color variation is magnified, every shadow and subtle surface change takes on a new meaning when viewed in the outsized context.” – Paula Martiesian, BankRI Galleries Curator.
  • “Collectors are often drawn to Harkins’ technique first, and then the emotional impact of what the painting evokes connects in a unique and powerful way.” – Andrew Hyder, curator of Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art.
  • “Harkins’ use of light is magical, and her translucent colors glow with an old world charm in a contemporary setting, appealing to both the traditionalist and the modernist.” – Nancy Maguire Heath, Collector, Director RI School for the Deaf
  • “Sherie Harkins oil on canvas “Shift Eleven” portraying what looks to be two ice cubes reflecting on a black marble table, [was] surely chosen for its fine details that would stand out in many a show. Her “Tomato Light” painting capturing the fruit at its most transparent red is another fine portrait of our agricultural roots…”- Brian Goslow, Artscope Magazine, “A Feast for the Senses”, March/April 2016
  • “ …a few take the conventional and make it pop, like Sherie Harkins’ captivating portrait of a young girl, tightly cropped with her eyes closed and a wistful, faraway look you just wouldn’t expect form a child. Add to that Harkins’ mastery, the sense of softness in her subject’s face, the way her disheveled hair glistens, and you have a winner.” – Channing Gray, The Providence Journal, “Providence Art Club Fall Exhibit Worth a Look”, September 10, 2017

Noelle McManus

Noelle McManus loved drawing from a young age. As a four year-old, she would crawl into her mother’s lap and request small cartoons of various animals during the sermon. Noelle’s love of drawing continued to grow in elementary and middle school when she filled notebook after notebook with drawings of daydreams. When she reached high school, art became less of a hobby and more of a serious endeavor: she began taking art class first with her grandfather and then later at the Anne Arundel Community College where she would later earn her Associates in Fine Arts with a concentration in drawing.

At the end of high school, Noelle began a painting apprenticeship with the artist DaNeal Ebberly focusing on expressive figure painting. It was in this 5-year span that Noelle was pushed spiritually and artistically. Noelle has continued to study Art History at the University of Maryland Baltimore County while working at Warriors of Grace Karate. She’s recently married and still draws in church.

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